March 2015 saw the first adAPT investigators’ meeting, held in Dunkeld, Perthshire. The meeting was attended by consultant diabetologists, research and diabetes nurses, statisticians, the trial steering committee, sponsor, funder and clinical trials unit. The aim was for people located throughout Scotland to get to know each other, for the investigators to explain the study and for the clinical trials unit to explain how the study would be run. It is anticipated that a second investigators’ meeting will be held once the study has started.

Here’s a shot of us all standing out there on a freezing cold Scottish Friday in March!

The best news today! 20th April 2016 marks the launch of adAPT “New trial aims to prevent type 1 diabetes”

adAPT team at launch in Dundee. The adAPT trial was officially launched on the 20th April. 1916, when national and local media met the chief investigator, Professor Terry Wilkin, and the trial team in the children’s hospital at Ninewells, Dundee. Click here to read the press release. Here and here to read the case studies.

The event was reported on BBC Radio 4 news, and subsequently discussed at more length on the Today Programme. It also went out on local media, national TV , and over 50 international networks. The aim of the launch was to promote awareness – local and national. Awareness fuels recruitment, and there were more than 30 enquiries to this site by the end of the day.

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