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adAPT is, first and foremost, a family study. We are looking for brothers and sisters aged between 5 and 16 years old with a sibling who developed type 1 diabetes when they were under the age of 25. We would also like to involve the offspring aged between 5 and 16 years of a parent who developed type 1 diabetes when they were under the age of 25.

If this applies to you, and you’re interested to know more, please send us your details on the form below. We’ll get back to you with detailed study information and your local study team contact information.


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A note from Steve Greene, Professor of Diabetes at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, and co-investigator with adAPT:

“Clinical trials require an enormous effort to conduct, and cost an awful lot of money. adAPT involves more than 40 investigators, and will cost more than $10m to complete. The most important factor in the success of a trial such as adAPT is the participants and their families. Without sufficient participants the trial will fail. adAPT is a truly national study, the first of it’s kind in paediatrics to cover the whole of Scotland and the North of England, so I would urge you please to join if your family qualifies. What a prize for Scotland if together we could show the world for the very first time how to reduce childhood diabetes, the fastest rising chronic illness in people under the age of 16 years.”